Demystifying the World of Cannabis

When we talk about cannabis for most of us it comes attached with quite a bit of stigma. This is because for most of us this weed is associated with substance abuse and therefore it is considered to be very bad. That perhaps was the reason why cannabis was being sold in different names. This may have helped people to conceal its actual use. There were others who just used it for fun. But today as we try and demystify this plant, there are reasons to believe that it could have quite a bit of medicinal benefits. If we look back at history, there are stories of cannabis being used for managing various physical conditions. While understanding cannabis genomics is important, it would be better for us to try and find out the reasons as to why this weed could also have some good to do as far as society is concerned.

Some Basics About The Product    

There are some compounds which are important for any product which is used for mood enhancement or to be in high. This substance is referred to as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Different plants and their parts have different levels of THC. For example, hemp is also a product which is used for getting a high. However, it is totally free from psychoactive substances and it is not known to alter your perception in any manner whatsoever.

On the other hand cannabis is known for its high concentration of THC. There is no doubt that THC is a known for its psychoactive effect which is what leads to the user becoming high. In terms of looks and appearances, cannabis plants are wider and shorter when compared to hemp. This leads to more water, air and sunlight reaching the plant and this in turn creates flowering buds in much larger quantities.

How The Use (Or Misuse) Was Curtailed    

Widespread misuse of cannabis was one of the main reasons for the authorities coming down heavily through legislations. The Marijuana Tax Act was passed in 1930 which made use of cannabis very expensive with the imposition of exorbitant taxes on it. However, this did not deter many users and they started using it in many other pseudo names such as pot, weed, marijuana, ganja, reefer amongst others.

Increased Levels Of Knowledge    

It would also be pertinent to mention here that research and better flow of knowledge led to a better understanding of cannabis. Quite a few things that were learnt over the decades and centuries were unlearnt. Today, there are strong reasons to believe that cannabis has a number of potential medicinal and other benefits. These could lead to better management of neurological diseases and also for better treatment of cancer. Cancer cells are known to shrink in size with the controlled and focused use of cannabis. Further, it could also be a good option for treating various forms of depression and other mental diseases. There are also some studies which point out to the fact that cannabis could be useful for improving performance of athletes and also help individuals to become more creative.

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